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"Louis, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you working with Jordana.  She says that you make her feel like she can do anything, and that your organized teaching technique makes math easy. She also says she looks forward to her tutoring sessions and has found that math can be fun. Jordana knows that you are truly an amazing math tutor - where math now makes prefect sense!  Thank you for building her confidence and striving to reach her full potential."
Ken DMD - Dad of a 8th grade Algebra 1 student
"Since kindergarten, math has been my daughter's biggest struggle in school, but second grade math really started to demonstrate the weakness she had mathematically.  She seemed to be struggling more and more as the school year went on, so we decided to reach out and find her a tutor.  Even though Caught in the Middle Math does not typically provide tutoring for elementary school, Louis was a great help in finding us the perfect tutor.  My daughter immediately took to Samantha, and she felt comfortable with her from the very beginning.  I loved the fact that Samantha was not only skilled in teaching math, she was a second grade teacher, and she knew exactly what my daughter was working on, and what skills she needed to continue.  During the first tutoring session, my daughter was laughing while she was doing math, instead of crying or complaining about it.  It has been such a huge relief to know that with Samantha's professional, experienced and one on one tutoring my daughter will be able to fill in the gaps she is missing.  Samantha was able to pin-point the holes in my daughter's math foundation, and she was able to assure us that she could help fill in these gaps.  I am so glad we sought out help, and I am thankful to both Louis and Samantha for assisting us in getting her the help she needed.  Thank you Louis and Samantha!!!!!
Yvonne - mom of a 2nd grader

I just wanted to share that my son really liked working with Mr. Halseth yesterday.  He’s very down to earth and made Miles feel very comfortable during the tutoring session and about the lessons in general.   He couldn’t stop talking about how prepared he was going to be for 8th grade Algebra.   Lennette -mom of an 8th grade Pre-Algebra 2 student

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